We would like to extend the reach of our original handmade photographic cards to a charitable organization near and dear to our hearts.

Although cancer isn't as lethal as it once was, it still remains one of the most devastating diseases in the world. Cancer has become an intricate part of many of our lives, whether as a patient or caring for a family member or a friend.  It is safe to say in one form or another it has redirected each of our lives.

During the past twelve years, we have been honored to be members of a determined non-profit organization in Columbia, Missouri called Cancer Research Center.  Our specific mission for this selected collection of cards is to add an additional purpose to our motto of focusing on the little things in life.

One dollar from each card sold in this collection will be in support of the Cancer Research Center.  

Again, these cards will not only brighten the day of those who are in the fight of their lives and the caregivers by their sides but will also support the efforts in the much needed world of cancer research.

For more information about the Cancer Research Center please visit:  www.cancerresearchcenter.org

Our warm appreciation,

Alycia & Penny